Refill kit box with 1 lb bag of boba, package of Tea People tea and a pouch of amber rock sugar

Introducing The Boba Kit

When you open this box, you will be introduced to the wonderful world of boba at home. We never thought this day would come when we started in 2011… but here we are! This is the culmination of over 10 years of building Boba Guys and writing The Boba Book…all distilled into one box. Enjoy!

Matcha in a bowl being whisked by a bamboo whisk
Easy & Simple

This kit has all you need to start making boba milk tea at home! We’ve kept the recipe simple - you can finish in an afternoon; perfect for both beginners and seasoned boba pros!

Metal straw, package of matcha tea, matcha whisk, teaspoon, pack of uncooked boba, instruction cards and jar of syrup

Everything in this box has earned its spot here. What goes in are the same ingredients we use in our own Boba Guys stores. Each item is prepared or sourced by us; that includes our own US-made tapioca balls from our own boba factory: US Boba Co!

Milk being poured into black tea in a mason jar
Fun For All

Boba is for everyone! This is the beginning of your “Boba Guys at Home” journey. If you want more recipes, please check out our book, “The Boba Book”. Available at all book stores!

Make boba with the Boba Guys!
Boba Classes

Let our team teach you and your company how to make boba in the comfort of your own home!

Great for team bonding and large groups. In one hour, we’ll walk you through step-by-step how to make boba and drinks the Boba Guys way. Class minimum is 20 participants.

The Boba Book

Looking for more recipes? Check out our new cookbook, “The Boba Book”, published by Penguin Randomhouse. Jam-packed with recipes for our signature hits like our Strawberry Matcha Latte and Dirty Horchata, it’s a perfect gift for both the novice and boba connoisseur!